We are a London based sports/celebrity management agency, also operating as event consultants and marketing/communications professionals. We manage a roster of high profile and popular talent, featuring football legends, Olympic gold medalists and rugby world cup winners.

On a national and global level, the agency is well practiced in terms of structuring and managing celebrity brand ambassador partnerships, contracting star names for launches/media engagements, placing hero speakers, plugging talent into creative campaigns and maximizing celebrity usage for ad hoc events.

In addition to the star talent that we manage, we have a far reaching network of global sporting personalities (and music/entertainment talent). Therefore we are a trusted and experienced resource of information and action when organisations wish for us to recommend and engage all manner of talent for a wide variety of briefs.

Ahead of the birth of GamePlan in 2009, Matt lead the communications/media operations at Saracens rugby club, before heading up the talent management division at Benchmark Sport. When not injured, Matt has long-time been a fair weather rugby player with past clubs including; Henley, Harlequin Amateurs, Chinnor as well as competing in the County Championships for Oxfordshire and representing the West Indies at Sevens.

Matt is a trustee of the BJWM Trust.