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GPS Blog #12 – 1st August 2020

David Seaman is a proud Yorkshire man, so a perfect fit when Yorkshire brand Plusnet were looking for star power for an activity built around Yorkshire Day.

People from Yorkshire have long since been known for their money-savvy ways, and being clever with their spend. So at a time like this when everyone is looking to make the most of what they have, Plusnet think there’s a lot that people can learn from Yorkshire.

Yorkshire has its very own regional holiday – Yorkshire Day – on 1st August, and as Plusnet’s home region – They want to use the day to celebrate this trait and encourage others to be more like them.

To do this, Plusnet have published a Yorkshireman’s guide to getting the most value out of life in the form of a limited-edition eBook launching on Yorkshire Day; ‘Save It Like Safe Hands – A Yorkshireman’s Guide To Value’ – By David Seaman

The overarching objective of this campaign is to champion Yorkshire as the savviest region when it comes to spending and saving.

GPS Blog #1 – January 10th 2020

Here at GamePlan we’ve hit the ground running for 2020.

Our long-standing client David Seaman and his wife Frankie appeared on BBC’s hit show Pointless Celebrities, pitting their ‘Pointless’ knowledge against the fellow sporting contestants!

Supporting our friends at the BBC, GamePlan arranged for former Quins captain and England international Nick Easter to film with them in the Twickenham changing rooms for a 6 Nations
preview show. Nick recalled his fond memories of his playing days and the rivalry between the English and the Welsh.

Elsewhere Darren Campbell’s ‘Inside Track’ BBC 5 Live show covered off a nice range of topics including the ECB’s The Hundred, boxing stories and goings on in the world of athletics.

The first week of January also saw our client, AstrophysicistLiv Boeree travel to Shanghai China to deliver a keynote for a high-profile technology company. Liv’s keynote on the science behind decision and risk taking continues to be well-received and engaging.

GamePlan are really excited about the upcoming year and look forward to what it brings.