GPS Blog #12 – 1st August 2020

David Seaman is a proud Yorkshire man, so a perfect fit when Yorkshire brand Plusnet were looking for star power for an activity built around Yorkshire Day.

People from Yorkshire have long since been known for their money-savvy ways, and being clever with their spend. So at a time like this when everyone is looking to make the most of what they have, Plusnet think there’s a lot that people can learn from Yorkshire.

Yorkshire has its very own regional holiday – Yorkshire Day – on 1st August, and as Plusnet’s home region – They want to use the day to celebrate this trait and encourage others to be more like them.

To do this, Plusnet have published a Yorkshireman’s guide to getting the most value out of life in the form of a limited-edition eBook launching on Yorkshire Day; ‘Save It Like Safe Hands – A Yorkshireman’s Guide To Value’ – By David Seaman

The overarching objective of this campaign is to champion Yorkshire as the savviest region when it comes to spending and saving.