GPS Blog #58 – 14th October 2021

Dr Makaziwe Mandela – Flutter Entertainment – Black History Month Webinar

After first booking her in October 2020, Flutter entertainment engaged Dr Mandela again today for a very well received Black History Month webinar.

In addition to celebrating BHM, the ambition of the session was to table a call to action. How and why we need to raise our awareness on what it takes to be a true advocate and that it doesn’t exist in performative actions or hash tags – it’s in improving the everyday experiences for our people, the micro moments.

Dr Mandela shared her thoughts on how we can all contribute to make changes. She opened up on how she feels that we have focussed more on big movements for change and ignored that change must take place at the individual level, at home, at the community level.


Dr Mandela is really inspirational, there’s real fire and a call to action in the way that she talks. People need to hear a tough line on racism and she laid out simple steps to build inclusivity that everyone that on that call can embrace.