Liv Boeree – Allianz – Virtual Keynote – Play to Win

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) engaged Liv Boeree to deliver a virtual keynote for their employees based around the world (covering 30 different countries).

AGCS is a corporate and industrial insurance company. They handle the big risks from windfarms and factories to airlines and shipping fleets. Their business is all about helping their clients secure their future, so they need to be their partners in addressing the risks of today and tomorrow. For the last two years, AGCS has been going through an intense transformation under a new CEO.

Liv’s presentation was a part of their “Play to Win Days.” An innovative online environment, styled as a summer fair, where all employees could explore topics and activities related to the strategic direction of our business – social, business related, thought provoking and inspirational, and more.  The aim being to bring people together, connect, celebrate (progress and being part of this global team) and inspire for the road ahead.

AGCS were interested in Liv’s combination of scientific/academic qualifications and attitude to risk. Liv’s story was very interesting to the audience – using aspects of poker practice to apply to their situation – risk and focus, not playing every hand, just because you are at the table. Plus, the very important mental dimension of poker – mindset and focus.