David Seaman – Fishing Republic Brand Ambassador

Exciting to announce that avid angler David Seaman has become a brand ambassador for Fishing Republic. It’s a perfect partnership.

For David, who lives on the river, alongside the continued pleasure that he gets from ice skating with his wife Frankie, golfing and coaching, fishing plays an important part in his life. It’s a great excuse to enjoy the outdoors and relax. But, how did it all start?

‘I remember going fishing with a couple of my dad’s friends who used to go match fishing on a Sunday. I remember I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. They gave me this rod and I was just holding it at the edge and all of a sudden, the float went under and I didn’t know what to do. I just pointed it at the fish, and it snapped. So that was my first experience of fishing.’

Not only is Fishing Republic teaming up with David, but he will also be representing Westlake; Westlake Fishing Gear For Sale | Fishing Republic

Westlake is a fishing brand exclusive to Fishing Republic. It’s primarily aimed at beginners, encouraging new people to join the sport. They specialise in making gear that is accessible to all, regardless of budget and experience.