Monthly Archives: September 2021

GPS Blog #51 – 29th September 2021

David & Frankie Seaman – British Heart Foundation

David and Frankie Seaman have recently appointed ambassadors for the British Heart Foundation. Today they feature in a few media interviews talking about why they’re involved in addition to talking about the Heart Hero Awards taking place tonight as a virtual event. The pair will be presenting an award.

GPS Blog #50 – 27th September 2021

Dr Mandela – Diageo – INC Week

2021 marks Diageo’s fifth employee-led INC Week celebration, encouraging their people around the world to champion inclusion, celebrate diversity, host open conversations and step out of their comfort zone.

The global ‘kick-off’ on Monday, 27 September officially launched the week, with Dr Mandela engaged for a fireside chat to provide a thought-provoking and inspirational conversation.

The rationale was to inspire employees to people to become true allies for inclusion and diversity, at a time when advocacy has never felt so urgent.

There was some fantastic feedback:

‘Powerful examples of leadership, Dr Mandela. Thank you’

‘Thank you Dr Mandela, Your words and sentiments are powerful, inspirational and meaningful – We appreciate your sharing with us today’

“ ‘Creating spaces for women to flourish’ is wonderfully expressed. Simple but powerful ‘mantra’ “

GPS Blog #48 – 14th September 2021


GamePlan are delighted to confirm client Liv Boeree’s involvement at Riverbed Technology’s Global User Conference for 2021.

As a: Scientist, Poker Champion and self confessed ‘tech-nut’, Liv is perfectly placed to deliver an engaging and entertaining virtual keynote on the Conference’s main stage come October 5th.

Liv’s talk will expertly discuss data, science, intuition and insight from the poker table that can be applied directly to the boardroom.