GPS Blog #50 – 27th September 2021

Dr Mandela – Diageo – INC Week

2021 marks Diageo’s fifth employee-led INC Week celebration, encouraging their people around the world to champion inclusion, celebrate diversity, host open conversations and step out of their comfort zone.

The global ‘kick-off’ on Monday, 27 September officially launched the week, with Dr Mandela engaged for a fireside chat to provide a thought-provoking and inspirational conversation.

The rationale was to inspire employees to people to become true allies for inclusion and diversity, at a time when advocacy has never felt so urgent.

There was some fantastic feedback:

‘Powerful examples of leadership, Dr Mandela. Thank you’

‘Thank you Dr Mandela, Your words and sentiments are powerful, inspirational and meaningful – We appreciate your sharing with us today’

“ ‘Creating spaces for women to flourish’ is wonderfully expressed. Simple but powerful ‘mantra’ “